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Shy Love

Shy Love has got the goods, no doubt about that. A gorgeous, sultry brunette with full lips, bedroom eyes, great tits and an unshakeable desire for hard cock, Shy Love is not ashamed of being a cum hungry slut. Of course, I’m biased; I’m not ashamed to call myself a fan. I even think her overbite is sexy and the fact that she’s an addict of getting fucked up the ass just makes her that much more special in my eyes. Now add the fact that not only is she a completely depraved little bitch, but she’s smart as a paper cut and has a Masters degree in accounting and I’m hooked. Brains are almost as sexy to me as a face covered in hot, sticky man juice and Shy Love has both. If you’re looking for love in porn videos, I have no doubt that Shy has the love you’re looking for at Peter North DVD and Big Tits at Work.

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