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Adrianna Russo

The beautiful face and heart-stopping body of Adriana Russo (AKA Adrienne Russo, Alessandra Wood, Adrianna Ruso, Adrianna Rouso, Adrienne, Adrienne Rouso, Adrienn, Diana Balton, Chri Brown, Alessandra) will be immediately familiar to any horny pervert who has watched porn in the last ten years. The Hungarian slut first started getting nailed on camera back in 2002 when she was 19, and she’s still at it today. I might add that, while some porn stars don’t age as gracefully as we’d like, Adriana is every bit as sexy and gorgeous as she was when she was doing this more than a decade ago!

She’s had some time to round out her career, so it’s no surprise that there’s a little bit of everything in her catalog of pornographic titles. I like watching those 34D tits bounce while she’s getting fucked, so I’m partial to flicks like Real Couples 2, also starring Christina Bella. She takes it in the ass in that one, and I can barely type about it without my dick threatening to knock my laptop to the floor. If the only cure for your fever is more lesbians, she has a wealth of material for you, including Lesbian Fever 4 with Caroline Cage.

Whether she’s fucking other women, taking anal, or even just playing with herself like in Deepest Love 1, it will be obvious to any viewer that Adriana Russo really, really loves getting off, and she loves it the most if the camera is rolling. Check out one of her videos below and see if you love getting off as much as she does.

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