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Samantha grabs your firm shaft squeezing slightly making your cock even harder… so hard that you feel your purple skin tighter than a drum and stretched to its very Maximum… Samantha wraps her lips over your cockhead… she flicks the tip of her tongue on the backside of your cock-tip as you moan with pleasure… she runs her lips and partially open mouth up and down the backside of your tight erection and you moan still more… with a tick-tock motion, she moves your long penis across her pouty lips from right to left and back again… you gasp for air as her actions drive you to heights of pleasure you have never felt… and now, setting her sight on your pending orgasm, she settles in with her final motion of licking the backside of your cock in a circular motion on that ever so sensitive area just below its tip… the steady look in her eyes says she will not stop until you give her all your warm semen… suddenly you feel as though all your insides were rushing up your cock and spurting out in the air… feeling your warm fluid on her lips, chin, hand, shoulder, and chest, she lets out a whimper of satisfaction… yet she keeps on licking… and you keep on trembling and moaning with amazing sensitivity…

Clips4Sale – K Klixen Productions presents Klixen POV Samantha B Part B

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